Janet Mbugua talks about her struggles as a mum, wife and a working lady! (Details)

Every mom out there can relate to the exhausting feeling that a long day brings. Whether it’s keeping up with your little ones when the nest is empty or going to the office (work)…mothers are the hardest working people around.

Well, former news anchor Janet Mbugua has opened up about some of the few reasons she has been very reluctant when it comes to sharing her family photos and why till date she finds it hard to balance work and her family.

She revealed this in a post shared on her Instagram page this past weekend where she wrote saying;

I’m not huge on sharing family photos, not all the time at least. I may occasionally do so on my Insta stories. But this here is a real moment. Shared laughed, in between moments of fatigue, being cranky, not always being sure of what I’m really doing, or my methods when it comes to raising a new family! I’m learning that this life, balancing all things, is far from easy. It can consume you and sometimes you just need a moment, away from people and projects, to conquer the everyone will understand. But ultimately, it’s a most fulfilling life, abounding with lessons that will certainly better me. Hands up if you feel me! Also Happy Sunday ??#TheJourneywithJanet#IAmMotherhood


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