100 Small Profitable Business To Do in Kenya To Become a Millionaire

There are over 100 small business to do in Kenya that can easily make you a millionaire.Any business, regardless of how much you inject as capital, has the potential of making you a millionaire.

Business is all about managerial skills and and customer service.It does’t matter whether you have a business proposal or not,it doesn’t matter whether you obtain your capital through bank loan or saving,it doesn’t matter whether you started with Sh 1,000 or Ksh 1 million,what matters is your vision,determination and customer service,also important is the business location.

We have a list of several business recommendations for aspiring Kenyan entrepreneurs,and we belief the one you’d pick would go along way into meeting your aspirations.

  • Selling second hand/Mitumba clothing

This is the kind of business that many Kenyans don’t bother to venture in , but it’s lucrative. In Kenya, Mitumba business does not require a lot of capital as compared to other businesses.If you have  as little as Ksh 1,000, you can comfortably start selling second hand clothes (mitumba).The amount can be higher if someone intends to sell in bulky.

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It’s  cheap because you don’t require a license to start; what you need is to identify  a suitable location to operate your business,the supplier, then  pay the city council for operating a business in their jurisdiction.

If you are jobless,even if you are a degree holder,this is the business you can try in the meantime as you wait for a suitable opportunity.

For those operating from Nairobi,you can get the suppliers from Gikomba market or Eastleigh. These are the most famous places for the products.

Profits for Mitumba business can feed you as well as remain for other projects.I have interacted with friends who operate Mitumba business in Nairobi,Kisumu,Kisii,Nakuru and Mombasa.Several of them confessed  that profits never disappoint.In fact not even one make less than Sh 500 per day

  • Hawking

We have seen several success stories from hawkers.Many people start this business due to desperation but they end up making it in life.What you need is to identify a product whose demand is high in your location,then identify a supplier.Some of the best products you can hawk include umbrellas,traditional medicine,water,Mitumba clothes,biscuits and toothbrush.

Hawking is the type of business you can start with as little as Sh 500 but make huge profits without your neighbor noticing.Running this business is also very easy since it doesn’t require hidden costs.

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A hawker in Nairobi makes as high as Ksh 2,000 per day but the business depends on the weather and where you are operating from.

Especially during rainy season,hawking umbrellas in Nairobi and Mombasa is ideal.You can make a kill during this season.

  • Shoe shining

Some shoe shiners are now landlords as the PhD holders struggle to make ends meet.Starting this business is not hard since it only require a license from the City council,a seat, brush and shoe polish.The capital required for this business is less than Sh.5000 if you are outside Nairobi and Ksh 20,000-Ksh 50,000 if you are within Nairobi.

Being a shoe shiner in areas like Nairobi is a blessing since you can make as high as  Sh.10,000 per day.

Shoe shiners who operate  near Kenya Cinema,Westlands,upper hill,Bus Station,Koinange street,Mombasa CBD and Kisumu are extremely rich,but you won’t tell.

  • Operating a Salon/Berber Shop

This business is underrated but handsome rewards.In Nairobi ,for instance ,there are salons which charge up to Sh 50,000 per head but the normal charges are Sh 600 per head.You only require skills,strategic location and consistence.

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You can start the business by visiting clients in their homes and then later look for a physical location where clients can easily trace you.

The capital required to start a salon in Nairobi depends on location and the size of your business.Rent for a standard single room in Nairobi,outside city centre,  goes for Ksh 8,000-Ksh 15,000 per month.You are also required to buy equipment to run the salon,which will cost you approximately Ksh 100,000

A Berber shop on the other hand is very easy to start and require a capital of less than Ksh 30,000.Depending on the location, a Berber shop can fetch  up to Ksh 2000 per day.

I once operated a Berber shop,but outside Nairobi,and I was comfortably getting a net profit of Ksh 15,000 per month.

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