Startimes Kenya Channels List, Packages & Bouquets

Startimes Kenya is an arm of Star Times Media which is an international TV company. As you will see from Startimes Kenya channels list below, the TV offers general entertainment for the entire family. What to expect from the Startimes Kenya channels list is a variety of blended entertainment, news, sports and documentary channels.

The Pay TV company has its roots in china. It was founded in Beijing in 1988 and has over 9 million subscribers all over the world. Star Times is one of the companies that offer Pay TV in Kenya. Other companies are DSTV, ZUKU and GOtv. Here are the latest GOtv Packages, DSTV Packages and Zuku Packages.

My opinion is that DSTV and Zuku still offers the best pay TV solution in Kenya. However, you can try out Startimes TV Kenya or compare with the others by looking at the Startimes Kenya packages that I have listed below.

To get any of the startimes Kenya packages, you need to have startimes decoder installed. startimes Kenya packages are divided into two.  DTT BOUQUETS and DTH BOUQUETS.

Startimes Kenya channels list

StarTimes Kenya Packages for DTT BOUQUETS

No. startimes packages StarTimes subscription No. of startimes channels
1 Startimes Nyota bouquet Ksh. 259 10+ channels
2 Startimes Basic Ksh. 599 37+ channels
3 StarTimes Classic Ksh. 999 57+ channels
4 StarTimes Unique Ksh. 1499 76+ channels

StarTimes Kenya Packages for DTH BOUQUETS

No. startimes packages StarTimes subscription No. of startimes channels
1 Startimes NOVA Ksh. 449 35 channels
2 Startimes Smart Ksh. 899 69 channels + 25 Audio
3 StarTimes Super Ksh. 1499 100 channels (4HD) + 25 Audio
4 StarTimes Chinese Ksh. 1799 69 channels + 12 Chinese
5 StarTimes Indian Ksh. 899 Addon Package 7 Indian channels

StarTimes Decoder

There are two options while buying Startimes decoder. You can buy one that you have to pay on a monthly startimes subscription or star times decoder that does not accrue monthly subscription charges.

However, you can also switch from startimes decoder that accrue monthly subscription charges to Free to Air option. But not so fast because to convert from Pay TV to free to air will attract a fee of Ksh 3400. This is done through the convert bouquet. However, these prices change a lot and you can always confirm them at startimes website.

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StarTimes DVB-T2 Set Top Box

StarTimes DVB-T2 Set Top Box is the startimes decorder that you will need for either the pay tv or free to air startimes packages. With both options, no Satelite dish is required. Only aerial is needed that connects to the startimes decoder. For latest prices of the Set Top Box installation click here

Startimes Smart phone – P40

You can also watch Startimes Kenya channels list that we are about to share with you using the Startimes Smart phone – P40. The startimes phone is android powered and comes with a 4.0 Inch screen.

The startimes phone also comes with a dual camera and dual SIM. If you choose to use safaricom for this service

The startimes phone Specifications

  • Dual-core 2 x 1.3GHz CPU
  • Dual-Sim dual standby
  • 4.0″ WVGA Screen
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • Dual camera (3.0MP + 2.0MP)

Startimes Tablet – P80M

You can also access your favorite startimes kenya packages using the Startimes Tablet – P80M. The problem with watching TV using Startimes Tablet is that you will need to add aerial and cables which I find odd. This is for you to be able to view startimes packages in good quality.

In some areas you will view your startimes packages well without any problems. If you prefer making payments using online banking then you can read something about making payments with Standard Chartered Bank online Kenya.

Star Times antennas prices

  • antenna + 10m Cable = Ksh1400
  • The antenna + 15m Cable = Ksh1600
  • antenna + 20m Cable = Ksh1800

I believe most of you will be paying star times Kenya TV using Mpesa. Its important that you learn a few things about the mobile money transfer like Mpesa Charges.Here you will get good insight on how Mpesa Works. As we would all like to keep track of our payments Mpesa offers a great service of obtaining your mpesa transactions statements.

How to pay for star times Kenya subscription

You can use different payment method to pay for star times Kenya TV. The most common payment method is through mobile money payment.

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Startimes Kenya channels list for NYOTA BOUQUET

The following is the Star times Kenya channels list for Nyota Bouquet.

Startimes channels for startimes TV Kenya  
E-Stars: A soap opera channel Star Music: Music channel ST Kungfu: A Chinese movies channel
Iqraa TV: Islamic Religious channel ST Swahili: Swahili language Movies, series, music and epic programs CCTV News: World news Channel.
GOD TV: Religion. Smile of a Child: Christian Children’s programming.

Startimes Kenya channels list for Basic Bouquet

The following are the Startimes Kenya channels list for Basic Bouquet.

Startimes channels for startimes TV Kenya  
Star Novela E1: Soap Channel MCS Extreme: Extreme sport programs Family TV: Local Christian TV (Available in Nairobi Only)
Star Kungfu: Kung Fu movies BBC: World news. TV Sibuka: Tanzanian channel
Channel 10: local Tanzanian channel France 24: News & Current affairs Channel Imani TV: Local gospel TV broadcasting in Webuye only
Ebru Tv: General entertainment channel aired in Nairobi Only TBN (up country only) Animaux: Wild Animals & Nature
AMC: New & Old-Fashioned Hollywood Movies Child smile: Christian Children programming Real-Stars: Youth Centric content
UBC: local Uganda channel 3 Stone TV: Local TV in Kikuyu Language. (Nairobi only) MCS: French sports channel
E-stars: Movies, Soaps and series GOD TV: Religion channel CCTV News: China & World News
CCTV: documentary channel Al Jazeera: News Channel Dove TV: (Nairobi only).
E TV: World Class Entertainment Dove TV: (Nairobi only). Nickelodeon: Channels meant for teenagers
Sayare TV Christian TV

Star Times Kenya channels list for Classic Bouquet

The following are the Startimes Kenya channels list for Classic Bouquet.

The Startimes channels for startimes TV Kenya    
STARTIMES SPORTS 2: Sports Variety MTV base: Urban’ music channel STAR BOLLYWOOD: Indian movie channel
Viasat N+H: Nature and history documentaries FX: General Entertainment E! Entertainment: Hollywood drama, reality shows
Euro Sports News: Sports News Discovery Science: Science channel FLN: Home, travel & cuisine
Gospel music Jim jam: Preschool Children Channel STAR MUSIC: American, European and African local pop music.
Africa movie channel: Nollywood Movies Fox Sports: Mixed sporting events BET TV: Black culture channel
NBA TV: Non–stop coverage of NBA and WNBA Fox NEWS: English News TLC: Lifestyle channel
Euro sports news: Sports News
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Star Times Kenya channels list for Unique Bouquet

The following are the Startimes Kenya channels list for unique Bouquet.

Startimes channels for startimes TV Kenya    
STAR AFRICA 2: African movies & series. STARTIMES SPORTS 2: variety of sports STAR BOLLYWOOD: Bollywood movie channel and musicals
STAR MUSIC: American, European and African local pop music. FX: Mixed entertainment Africa movie channel:Nigerian movies
BET TV: Music, documentary and culture E! Entertainment:Hollywood drama, reality shows Discovery Science:Science channel
Viasat N+H: Nature and history documentaries Fox Sports 1 & 2:Mixed sporting events NBA TV: Basketball Channel
Euro Sports News: Sports News Fox NEWS: English News TLC: Lifestyle channel
FLN: Home, travel & cuisine Euro sports news:Sports News Jim jam: Preschool Children Channel
MTV base: Urban’ music channel Gospel music channel Trace Sports
Sport life Sport Arena Qyou


Apart from Startimes channels listed above, the Free to Air signals from PANG and Signet are accessible on star times TV decoders too. Startimes Kenya packages prices vary from time to time so it’s important to confirm this from their website so as the Startimes Kenya channels list.

Star Times Careers

Star Times Kenya careers are often advertised online or on Star Times Kenya website.  There are always Star Times Kenya jobs and vacancies available for different positions. Click here for Star Times careers.

StarTimes Customer Care Contacts

Victoria Plaza, Kilimanjaro Avenue, Upperhill.
Startimes Phone numbers: (254) 719 077 077

The Startimes Self Service:

Startimes Website:

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