How to Pay GOtv using Mpesa

This is a quick guide on how to pay GOtv using Mpesa paybill number. You can use GOtv paybill number to make all payments for your subscription. GOtv Mpesa paybill number provides a convenient way for GOtv subscribers to pay their monthly subscriptions. All Mpesa payments reflect immediately.

GOtv provides one of the finest digital family entertainments in Africa. GOtv offers both paid and Free-to-air channels. You can also pay GOtv through Equity bank, Diamond Trust, online and Prime bank among others. However, GOtv Mpesa paybill is the fastest mode of paying for your GOtv monthly subscription.

Currently, GOtv Kenya provides digital content through GOtv Lite, GOtv Value and GOtv Plus packages.

To buy a GOtv decoder, just located a GOtv dealer in your region. The dealer should guide you through various GOtv packages so that you can choose your preferred package. You can also visit the GOtv Kenya website for more information about GOtv decoder and package prices.

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How to Pay GOtv Using Mpesa

You can pay, activate or upgrade your GOtv monthly subscription using Mpesa at any time.

Besides using GOtv Mpesa paybill number to pay GOtv monthly subscriptions, customers have a couple of other benefits from GOtv. You don’t need a satellite dish to connect your decoder. Just plug your TV aerial into the GOtv decoder and you are good to go. The decoder will automatically scan the TV and radio channels that are available in your region.

How to Pay GOtv using Mpesa Paybill Number

Paying for GOtv is simple and faster. Just ensure that you have enough money in your Mpesa account. There are two important numbers that you should have with you while making the payment. These are the GOtv Mpesa paybill number – 423655, and your ICU number – found on the red sticker at the bottom of the GOtv decoder.

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Lastly, ensure that your GOtv decoder is powered on before paying for your GOtv monthly subscription.

Below is a step by step guide on how to pay GOtv using MPesa.

1. Go to your SIM Toolkit and choose Mpesa

2. Then select Lipa na Mpesa

3. Select Pay Bill and choose Enter Business number

4. Enter the GOtv Mpesa paybill number: 423655, and press OK

5. The enter Account number which is your ICU number

6. Enter your subscription amount

7. Enter your Mpesa PIN

8. Confirm that the details you entered are correct and press Send

You should get a transaction confirmation SMS from Mpesa.

You just paid your GOtv monthly subscription!

Your subscription should be updated in a few minutes after the payment. If your channels do not resume, you need to contact GOtv. The quickest means of reaching GOtv support team is through Twitter. Tweet GOtv Kenya and your decoder will be updated in a short while.

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There are also other GOtv payment options that you can use instead of Mpesa. The choice is all yours! Always contact GOtv for all matters regarding subscription payments.

If you prefer or use a StarTimes decoder, you can also pay StarTimes using Mpesa. In fact, StarTimes is cheaper than GOtv. It also has many channels than GOtv, and its signal is stronger in some regions. However, many people prefer GOtv because it offers a higher quality.

I hope you found it easy to pay GOtv using Mpesa! Check out Safaricom Mpesa charges here.

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