How to Make Money in Kenya

This guide walks you, through how to make money in Kenya. It provides you with business ideas you can execute successfully using your skills and knowledge. Remember you don’t need money to have a business, but you need business to save money.

So, how do I make money in Kenya? This is a question that you, and many people, might be asking. While you ask this question, the fact is that there are many people out there making money that you cannot imagine.

The difference between you and them is that, while you are just about to begin your business journey, they already started and are way much ahead.

Every business starts with an idea. The successful execution of this idea gives birth to a business which eventually puts money in your hands. Get yourself started with these business ideas in Kenya.

You can make money in Kenya through smart farming, agribusiness, real estate, office jobs, online jobs, etc.

Make Money in Kenya through Online Jobs

The popularity of online jobs in Kenya is increasing steadily due to the widespread of Internet. Many young people are going for online jobs due to the flexibility of such jobs. This means you can work from anywhere, say at home, in your office, under a tree, in the car, etc. Likewise, you can choose the hour or time of the day that you wish to work, including at night.

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The uptake of online writing jobs in Kenya is also rising due to the scarcity of formal employment. In addition, the advance in technology is contributing immensely to development of online jobs all around the world.

Online writers can receive money conveniently and securely through online money transfer services such as PayPal, Skrill, WePay, etc. You can then transfer the money from these online payment gateways to mobile money services such as Mpesa. You can also withdraw money from PayPal to your Equity Bank account.

The most common online jobs in Kenya include academic writing, article writing, and blogging. To undertake academic writing, you need to have academic research skills in addition to internet skills. The good thing about online jobs is that you can acquire most of the required skills through training. Training is very important in getting you started with online writing jobs.

FreelancerKenya offers training on how to make money online through freelancing. You can also search for academic writing trainers on the internet and social media., iWriter, and Upwork are some of the largest online workplaces that offer massive jobs globally. Today, many young people are making money in Kenya from such online workplaces.

The online world is diverse and evolving every now and then. This provides diverse avenues to make money in Kenya online. If you capitalize on your skills and competencies, you can make lots of cash through online jobs.

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Make Money in Kenya through Smart Farming

Everything and everyone are becoming smart nowadays, and farming is not an exception. Smart farming is the use of information technology and modern farming methods in agriculture.

Smart farming transforms farmers from making decisions based on gut feelings and intuition into making informed decisions and accurate predictions through the use of technology. The internet is very resourceful in providing you with information on the best farming methods and practices.

If you have a passion for farming, you can make money in Kenya through smart farming. Many individuals and companies have invested heavily on dairy farming. As a result, they are making a lot of money from milk and other dairy products. Others have invested in crop farming of various kinds. Most people are into fruits and vegetable farming.


Regardless of the type of farming you choose to undertake, you will get huge returns if you do it the right way. Therefore, invest in researching the best practices in your area of farming.

Some of the fastest ways to make money in Kenya are growing watermelons, pili pili hoho, cabbage, and tomatoes. Most of these will mature within 3 months and they do not need lots of space. Additionally, fruits and vegetables are on high demand in the market today due to the need for healthy eating and the growing health concerns especially among city dwellers.

Make Money through Office Jobs

If you are seeking formal employment in Kenya, you must keep up-to-date with daily job postings. The Wednesday and Friday Nation Newspapers have a lot of job advertisements. Some employer will advertise in other dailies. Thus, you need to check other newspapers in Kenya as well. However, this is not practical for job seekers.

The easiest and most economical way is to check online job sites in Kenya. These online jobs platforms provide all the latest jobs in Kenya.

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