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To access your KRA iTax login Portal account, you will need to have your KRA pin number and password. If you have forgotten your KRA pin number you will be required to visit KRA offices in your neighborhood.

To access to KRA iTax login page follow this link KRA login Website

Forgot Password for or want to unlock your KRA iTax Login Portal Account?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on ‘Forgot Password/Unlock Account’ link below the tabs. For you to find that link you have to type your correct pin number and click ‘continue

KRA iTax login portal: KRA website portal – iTax Kenya portal

You can access the KRA itax portal using this link …. KRA online portal

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The KRA iTax Returns procedure below is for employees and staff with employment income. i.e. Individuals who will be issued with  KRA P9 Forms by their employers.

Watch the video tutorial below on the step by step procedure of how to file your KRA iTax Returns Online in

Portal for employees with Employment Income

The process is quite simple nowadays. All you need to have is a KRA iTax P9 Form from your employer. Then

  • Visit the KRA iTax online portal website at
  • At the KRA iTax portal login page enter your KRA Pin number, password and the answer to security question
  • After login in, go to returns tab and click ‘ITR for Employment income Only
  • Then in the new window, fill all the fields marked with an asterix (*) in section A. Click next.
  • In section ‘T’ for Tax computation only two items are necessary if your employer has correctly submitted your taxes,
    • Defined Pension Contribution (Total pension contributed by the employee)
    • Personal relief for the whole year which should be to a maximum of Ksh. 13944. Click Next.
  • In section ‘F’ Details of employment Income, scroll yo the bottom of the page and confirm if as per the p9 form, the Gross pay is correctly entered. You can click on modify if your employer returned for less than 12 months. Click next.
  • In section ‘M’ – Details of PAYE deducted at source from salary – confirm that all the details indicated with an asterix (*) are correctly indicated as per what is given in the P9 form. You can modify if necessary. Click next.
  • in Section ‘Q1’ – Details of income tax paid in advance – Fill in the details if they are applicable to you. This is the last step of the return. Click ‘Submit’.
  • Download the copy of the submitted returns for safekeeping.

KRA iTax Returns – KRA income tax returns online on KRA iTax system

To file back KRA iTax Returns every year is a right and an obligation of every adult citizen in Kenya who has registered for KRA pin number.

Watch the video tutorial below on How to file KRA Returns Nil Online

How to file KRA iTax Returns Online in Kenya

Before filing back your KRA iTax Returns online, you require the following documents
  1. How to fill KRA iTax Returns forms OnlineEmployer information for the employed individuals
  2. Employer’s PIN if you’re employed
  3. Financial Statements
  4. Insurance Premium Certificate/ PIN of Underwriter/Mortgage interest certificate
  5. Withholding tax certificates where applicable
  6. KRA iTax Returns P9 form
  7. Any other documents relating to income you received or deductions you need to claim
  1. Visit the KRA iTax online portal website at
  2. At the KRA iTax portal login page enter your KRA Pin number, password and the answer to security question
  3. Click on ‘e-Returns’ or hover on ‘Returns’ on the navigation bar and click on ‘File Returns’
  4. Select the type, Enter your taxpayer’s PIN and select the Tax obligation applicable to you before clicking on ‘Next’
  5. The next page will walk you through the filling process. Basically, you just need to click on the links provided to either download the KRA iTax Returns form in Excel or ODS
  6. Fill out all the applicable areas in the downloaded tax returns form and save your document in your computer.
  7. You need to enable macros to be able to ‘Validate’ and Zip your File.
  8. Return to the page and select the period for which you are filling the returns, upload the zipped filled out iTax Returns form, agree to the terms and select ‘Submit’.
  9. When asked whether you would like to upload the file, click on ‘OK’
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KRA iTax returns form

– KRA income tax returns form – KRA iTax Returns P9 form Download

This is the form from your employer that shows how you have been paying all your PAYE for the whole year.

It indicates all taxes on basic salary, allowances, benefits, bonuses, grants, etc.

This is the form that contains the information that you will be used to fill the KRA iTax Returns form online.

How to submit KRA iTax Returns online / How to file KRA iTax Returns on iTax system

First, you need to login into the system then go to the KRA iTax Returns tab and select file return and download the return. You need to fill the KRA iTax Returns offline before you generate a zipped file that you will upload.

MACROS are inbuilt formulae in Excel that should be enabled once you download the return so that you can be able to fill in the details of the return. Enabling MACROS is on the readme section of the return and it gives you a step by step guide depending on the Excel version you have.

If you have a KRA pin and you have nothing to file back you will need to file back nil returns. All you need to do is go to your iTax profile, Returns, and select the nil return option and submit.

The Government of Kenya has mandated that any person above the age of 18 years should acquire an Identity Card which will enable him/her to apply for the very important KRA pin. Even College and University students are required to apply for the KRA iTax Pin in order to be advanced the HELB loan. He/she is also obligated to file back the KRA itax returns every year.

KRA iTax Pin Application – How to register KRA iTax Pin Online

Step by step procedure to Register for KRA Tax PIN Using KRA iTax login website Portal

  1. Access the KRA iTax login Portal – e-Registration Function: Visit, click New PIN
    Registration select Taxpayer Type option from the drop down i.e Individual – Personal, Student, Employee, Entrepreneurs and Non-Individual – Company, Trust, Club. Select Mode of Registration option; Online Form, click Next
  2. A_Basic_Information: Fill in the applicant’s details such as National ID Number/Business Registration Certificate Number, Physical Address, Postal Address, Contact Details, Bank Account Details
  3. B_Obligation_Details: Check in the box for the tax option applicable i.e. Income Tax, Value Added Tax and Enter the registration date for the first time you applied for each applicable taxation option.
  4. C_Source_Income_Details (Individual Taxpayer option): Select the sources of income applicable i.e. Employment Income, Business Income, Rental Income
  5. D_Director_Associates (Non-Individual Taxpayer option): Fill in Company’s Directors details as registered on Individual Taxpayer iTax Account such as PIN, Physical Address, Postal Address
  6. E_Agent_Details: Enter details of authorized Tax Agents who can submit information to the Kenya Revenue Authority on your behalf. If you don’t have then leave it blank.

Watch the video tutorial below of How to register for KRA Pin, print and download KRA iTax Pin Online

Kenya Revenue Authority – KRA Contacts, KRA offices Location, KRA address

Times Tower, Haile Selassie Avenue,
P.O.Box 48240 – 00100 GPO Nairobi
Tel: 020-310300, 020-281000
Fax: 341342
Call Center details Tel: 020-4999999,020-4998000

KRA Pin Application: How to get KRA Pin certificate – KRA Pin Certificate Download, KRA Pin certificate printing

When you successfully submit your information, iTax Portal will display, “Registration Application has been Submitted Successfully” Your new PIN will be displayed on the screen and you will also be to see a link labeled “Click here to download PIN certificate” that will allow you to download your new KRA PIN and print.

Watch the video tutorial below of How to update KRA iTax details in KRA iTax Portal, How to edit and review

KRA iTax system

iTax is a system that has been developed by KRA to replace the current KRA Online system.

KRA iTax Returns deadline

The deadline for filing back KRA iTax Returns is on 30th June of the following year. For example, if you are filing returns for the year ended 31st December 2017, the deadline will be 30th June, 2018.

KRA iTax forms download

You can download these forms from this link

  1. T.CC 1 – Tax Compliance Certificate Application Form
  2. Application Form for Amnesty for Citizens in Diaspora
  3. I.T.1 – Individual Income Tax Returns
  4. I.T.1 – Non-Resident Individual Returns
  5. I.T.2C – December Cases Returns
  6. I.T.2P – Partnership Returns
  7. List of PAYE Forms Used by Employers
  8. User Guide for Filing Individual Returns Online.

KRA Pin Checker – Kenya Revenue Authority Pin Checker

The PIN Checker allows you to confirm whether or not a particular PIN is genuine.

A genuine PIN is generated by the KRA – Domestic Taxes Department System and is in Active status.

The Information provided by the PIN Checker is limited to basic details of the taxpayer.

To check whether a particular pin is genuine or not please click here KRA iTax Pin Checker

Watch the video tutorial below of how to search the KRA Tax Pin Checker – KRA Portal Pin Checker

KRA TCC Checker – KRA Tax Compliance Certificate Checker

The Tax Compliance Certificate Checker allows you to confirm the validity of a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC).

By entering a genuine TCC Number, the system will generate and display the PIN, Name of the Holder and the TCC status.

Please enter your TCC Number using the format KRAXXXXXXXXXXX e.g. KRA10041212012. in the input box found in this link Verify your Tax compliance Certificate

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KRA Withholding Tax Certificate Checker – How to confirm the validity of Withholding Tax Certificate – WHT

The Withholding Tax Certificate Checker allows you to confirm the validity of a Withholding Tax Certificate (WHT).

By entering a genuine Withholding Tax Certificate Number, the system will generate and display the PIN, Name of the Holder and the WHT status. To verify a Withholding Tax Certificate, Click Here

KRA Status of Application Checker – How to verify the status of an Application

After you have applied online for a certain service at the Kenya Revenue Authority-KRA, you can track the progress of how it is being processed at their offices.

To consult status of your applications, Click Here

KRA VAT Withholding Tax Agent Checker – WHT – How to identify an


KRA VAT Withholding Tax Agent

The Agent Checker allows you to identify authorized KRA Withholding VAT Agent. This functionality provides the details of registered pay points as well.

A genuine Withholding VAT Agent and its registered Pay Points are authorized by KRA-Domestic Taxes Department System and are in Active Status.

VAT WHT Agent Checker To verify Withholdingg VAT Agent, Click Here

Watch the video tutorial below of how to search the KRA iTax Pin Checker – KRA Portal Pin Checker

How to apply for KRA Tax compliance certificate – TCC

Watch the video tutorial below this post on the step-by-step procedure of How to apply for KRA iTax compliance certificate – TCC

These are the steps you follow when applying for KRA iTax tax compliance certificate online using the ITax System in the KRA iTax portal

    1. Visit the KRA iTax website
    2. Login to your KRA iTax account by typing your KRA iTax pin number, password and the security stamp
    3. Click on ‘Certificates’ tab then select ‘Apply for Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC)’
    4. On the new window type the reason why you are applying for the TCC and click ‘Submit’
    5. You will be taken to a new window written ‘Application for tax compliance certificate has been submitted successfully’. You will be prompted to download the acknowledgement receipt for the Tax Compliance Certificate.
    6. At the bottom of the downloaded acknowledgement receipt you will be told
      Note: Dear Taxpayer, your application for Tax Compliance Certificate has been received by us through KRA

      front desk. This application will be forwarded to the concerned area officer for further processing. Please follow
      the instructions given in the email and produce necessary documents.
      So access your email after a few days
    7. After the few days wait you may receive a regret written “Rejection of Application for Tax Compliance Certificate”
      Dont Panic, you can contact KRA using these contacts KRA Call Centre
      Tel:+254 (020) 4999 999+254 (020) 4998 000
      Cell: +254 (0711) 099 999
      Follow us on Twitter at
      Like the KRA Customer Care Facebook page at
    8. Or you can receive another email with an approval one as below

The email will come with your Tax Compliance Certificate attached to it. Download it and print it. The certificate will look like this

Watch the video tutorial below for the step-by-step procedure of How to apply for KRA iTax tax compliance certificate – TCC

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