Forty Something Years Old Aunty Declares Herself The Hottest 40year Old Woman Alive Unleashes Photos Off Her Very Thick Cakes

An Instagram model is quickly becoming an International sensation. The lovely Houston model named La Dive is rumored to be Mrs. Michelle Obama’s Second cousin.
While the rumors of the Obama relation is not confirmed, there is no doubt that the two ladies look VERY MUCH alike.

According to her she is forty something years old and Been 40 has never looked sexy till she hit the scene

She even had a message for all her haters reporting her sexy photos;

No matter how you younger women look at it if your on social media half naked you are viewed the same way as a porn ★? Its no one better than the other,so you think you still can keep your pride,dignity,& respect?????funny, really funny if I’m a hoe your a hoe…young/old don’t matter it all looks the same in a nigga eye… lil gals? #LearnFromAnOldHead#ICanGive2Fcks???

@ladiva321; Black people wake up! These social media sites were created for your advantage & ofcourse everything has it’s disadvantages. Why start f–king that up by hating on one another cause you don’t have the recipe to success at the moment! You can’t be mad at he/she take pointers; Every loser has to win & every winner has to lose someday – Jcole. To make a long story short everybody get their turn to excell if you just wait your turn. What’s for you can’t no man or woman stop it. Y’all may have gotten my fb(La – Diva Rap) taken down,but you will never stop my shine. I’ll keep shining on these haters til they go blind – Killa Kyleon. Black people will never prevail it’s like crabs in a tank once one make it to the top the others try to pull’em down. Sometimes I hate my race,we are the most jealous among our own culture!!! * Social Media,use this tool to climb up like a ladder not to stay down like your drowning. *** Hope y’all happy God sees all!!! *** #ladiva321 #la_diva_rap #hatingwontgetyouanywhere #itssad #myblackpeople #michelleobama #rumore2ndcousin

check more pics on her Instagram 

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