Equitel Charges, Rates, and Tariffs

The Equitel charges and rates for sending money are lower than those of Mpesa. In fact, it is free to send money from Equitel to other Equitel subscribers and orange money. This means, sending money from Equitel to Equitel is FREE!

Equitel has no charges for cash deposits and checking account balance. It is also free to transfer money to any Equity Bank account. Equitel subscribers can transfer up to KSH 300,000 per transaction. The maximum daily transfer limit is KSH 1 million.

It is for these reasons that Equitel has become very popular, especially among Equity bank customers. The zero Equitel charges will continue to invite more subscribers on board.

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Equitel Charges, Rates, and Tariffs

  1. Equitel SMS charges across all Kenya networks: Ksh 1
  2. Equitel deposit charges: Ksh 0
  3. Checking balance: Ksh 0
  4. Equitel rates for sending money to other Equitel numbers: Ksh 0
  5. Sending money from Equitel to Orange Money: Ksh 0
  6. Equitel Paybill charges: Ksh 0

Equitel Charges and Rates for Sending Money to Mpesa or Airtel

Here are the charges you will pay for sending money from Equitel to Mpesa or Airtel Money:

Send to Mpesa/ Airtel Money(Airtel/Mpesa Charges Inclusive)
Transaction Range (Kshs) Charges By Equitel
(Tax Incl) (Kshs)
Charges by other
Networks (Tax Incl) (Kshs)
Total Charge (Kshs)
50 – 100 1.10 33.00 34.10
101 – 500 5.50 33.00 38.50
501 – 1000 11.00 33.00 44.00
1,001 – 1,500 16.50 33.00 49.50
1,501 – 35,000 27.50 33.00 60.50
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The Equitel charges for making international calls are also lower than other Kenya networks. Equitel subscribers have reported unbelievably low tariffs for calling outside Kenya. Using Equitel, you can call with as low as KSH 4 per minute within East Africa.  This is incomparable with Safaricom charges of KSH 25 per minute for making international calls.

Other Equitel Tariffs and Services

  • You can use your Equitel line to deposit money into your Equity bank account
  • Subscribers can withdraw money at Equity ATMs
  • You can get your Equity account balance at any time through SMS or email
  • Users can buy Equitel airtime and data bundles. You can also buy airtime and data bundle for your Safaricom or Airtel line
  • Equitel subscribers can request and apply for loans
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All Equity Bank members are eligible to apply for an Equitel SIM card. Visit your nearest Equity Bank branch, apply for your Equitel line and get it activated.

You can also get information about Equitel charges, rates, tariffs, and much more from the Equitel website.

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