Elitebet Kenya Paybill Number: Start Betting Games Today

You can use Elitebet Kenya Paybill Number to deposit money to your account and start betting games today. This is one of the first online betting sites in Kenya and east Africa. It’s not as mobile friendly as other popular betting sites in Kenya. Elitebet site is powered by Oxygen8 East Africa Ltd. This is a company incorporated in Kenya and licensed by BCLB, Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. Just like there is Elitebet in Kenya there is Elitebet Uganda. This is one of the betting sites that were launched just after Sportpesa. Here is a guide on How to Play Sportpesa Kenya Jackpot, Double Chance & Multibet.

Elitebet Kenya Sign Up and Login

The process for Elitebet Kenya Sign Up is simple and straight forward. To Register on Elitebet you need to send your money that you want to bet to business no. 850700, account no. Elitebet. You will receive a PIN number via SMS that you will use to login online at www.elitebetkenya.com and bet with us. That’s the simple Elitebet Kenya Sign Up process. However, to place a bet you will need to go to the page for Elitebet Kenya login. Then follow the process of Elitebet Kenya login by entering your phone number and your PIN.

Opening an account with Elitebet is absolutely free. However, the standard MPESA charges for sending money to a Elitebet Kenya paybill no applies as follows:

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Amount Sent (KShs) Charges(KShs)
10 – 49 3
50 – 99 5
100 – 2,499 22
2,500 – 34,999 33
35,000 – 49,999 44
50,000 – 70,000 55

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How to Deposit Money using Elitebet Kenya Paybill Number

The following is the simple process of How to Deposit Money from Safaricom Mpesa to Elitebet Kenya account. You will need to have a mobile phone with some money to deposit money using Elitebet Kenya Paybill Number. Because this process relies on Mpesa, you will need a Safaricom line with an activated Mpesa account. It is through Mpesa that you will be able to deposit money using Elitebet Kenya Paybill Number. Here is the step by step guide on how to deposit money to your account using Elitebet Kenya Pay bill Number.

  1. On your mobile phone, go to Mpesa Menu
  2. Then select Lipa Na M-PESA
  3. Now select Paybill
  4. Enter the business number 850700 (Elitebet Kenya Paybill no)
  5. Followed by Account name: ELITEBET
  6. Then enter the amount to transfer to your Elitebet account
  7. Key in your MPESA PIN
  8. Once you have confirmed that the details are correct, click send
  9. Then you will receive Mpesa Transaction confirmation SMS

Elitebet Kenya Betting

You can bet on Elitebet online or via SMS, by using your mobile phone. Elitebet Kenya betting online process:

Type the address of Elitebet website on your browser www.elitebetkenya.com.

  1. select Elitebet Kenya Login
  2. Key in the amount you wish to bet with
  3. Then Click on Next Normal Bet and make your selection(s)
  4. Now click on Submit or on any ‘Go’ icon
  5. Confirm the Selection(s) then Click on Place Bet
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Elitebet Kenya betting via SMS using your phone

  • The format for placing SMS bets is as follows; MATCH CODE # Your Selection * Amount
  • Example: 6425#1*50 and send to 29210

Elitebet Kenya Multibet

For Multibets, join the various selections with a + and then put * Amount at the end Example: 6425#1+2600#2+1850#0*70.

#1 is for the Home team to win
#2 is for the Away team to win
#0 is for a Draw

Elitebet Jackpot

It’s important for you to know that the jackpot bet is Ksh. 50 per bet. It can be played online or via SMS. To place Elitebet Jackpot Games online visit Elitebet website: www.elitebetkenya.com. Then follow the process below.

  • Select the Elitebet Kenya Login
  • Click Jackpot
  • Pick your selections
  • Place bet

How to change your Elitebet PIN

If you want to change your PIN, simply send an SMS to 29210 with the word PIN followed by any 4-digit PIN of your choice. Eg. PIN 1234 sent to 29210 will immediately change your PIN to 1234.

How to check Elitebet balance

To check your balance, send SMS with the word BALANCE to 29210 or login online to your account and you will be able to see the available balance on your profile. All SMS sent to the shortcode are not charged, they are free.

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How to Withdraw Money from Elitebet Kenya

You can Withdraw Money from Elitebet via SMS or online from your account.

To Withdraw money online:

  • Log in to your betting account
  • View Account History
  • Withdraw
  • Input Amount
  • Submit
  • The money will be transferred from your account to your MPESA account.

To Withdraw via SMS:
Send an SMS to 29210 in the following format:
W followed by the amount you wish to withdraw e.g. to withdraw KShs. 500 type W 500and send that to 29210. It is that simple.

Elitebet Kenya Contacts

It’s important to note that Elitebet will always send you SMS and update your account for your winnings. If you notice any problem and it takes more than one hour for your account to update. You can use Elitebet Kenya Contacts. Send the MPESA transaction details to their e-mail help@elitebetkenya.com They prefer email communications or WhatsApp 0715 408 565 and 0705 201 537 for faster response.

There are also different ways to get in touch with the company using Elitebet Kenya Contacts.

Elitebet Kenya Customer service phone numbers:

  • 0703 065 003
  • 0705 201 537
  • 0736 458 065

E-mail: help@elitebetkenya.com

Website: http://www.elitebetkenya.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/elitebet254/

Via Twitter https://twitter.com/Elitebet_kenya

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