Bamba TV Channels list, Guide, Coverage Areas and Customer Care

Bamba TV Channels: Bamba TV is a set-top box that broadcasts both exclusive content and available free to air channels. This Bamba TV set-top box has over 50 channels with both active and inactive channels. They are always including new channels so this number fluctuates a lot.

The Bamba TV was launched on 22nd December 2014 by Lancia Digital Broadcast Limited. This is a sister company to Radio Africa Group. The company intends to offer free content while making their money from commercials. The company believes no one should pay for TV and are busy to make this the next big thing. Probably this tight competition for TV space in Kenya is what led DSTV Kenya to lower its prices beginning November 2016. They assured consumers that they will not increase their prices in the near future. The prices of GoTV also reduced drastically. Zuku was not left behind as it introduced the new channel Zuku lite targeting the lower segment of the market.

Bamba Decoder Channel list

You will have a number of Bamba decoder channel list displayed however not all of them show. The ones that shows are as follows

2. NHK World
3. Kass Tv
4. Nollywood Movies
5. France 24
6. Events channel
7. Al-Jazeera
8. Justice Tv
9. iFilm
10. EWTN
11. African Movie Channel
12. Cars TV
13. Movie Club
14. Fashion TV
15. DW
16. Smile TV
17. Romanza T

Bamba tv channel guide

Here is the complete Bamba tv channel guide. This is the complete list of Bamba tv channels that your decoder will display. Read more about Bamba tv channel guide below.

  1. Cars.TV
  2. Justice.TV
  3. ES.TV
  4. Fashion Box
  5. Recipe.TV
  6. Cartoon Club
  7. Freckle TV
  8. Smile of a Child
  9. Films on Reels
  10. iFilms TV
  11. Movie Club
  12. Movee4U
  13. African Movie Channel
  14. Nollywood Channel
  15. Nollywood Movies
  16. Al Jazeera English
  17. Deutsche Welle
  18. France24 TV English
  19. NHK
  20. EWTN Africa
  21. God TV
  22. Peace TV
  23. MMA Warriors
  24. WWWX
  25. Docu Box
  26. Fashion TV
  27. World Fashion Channel
  28. Fast fun Box
  29. Madscreen Box
  30. 360Tune Box
  31. Film Box
  32. Film Box Art House
  33. Clubbing TV
  34. Pets.TV
  35. Fight Box
  36. Comedy.TV
  37. Venture Channel
  38. World War Channel
  39. Channels TV
  40. CMTV
  41. Launch TV
  42. MCBN
  43. Channel M1
  44. HIP TV
  45. Nigezie
  46. Ofive
  47. OH TV Africa
  48. Al Jazeera Arabic
  49. RT
  51. Janta TV
  52. Dove TV
  53. Inspiration TV
  54. JCTV
  55. Press TV – Arabic/English
  56. TBN
  57. The Church Channel
  58. TVC News
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Bamba TV local channels

The Bamba tv local channels available on this free to air decoder are many. Most of the Kenyan tv channels that used to be free are what comprises of Bamba tv local channels. These channels include the major and most viewed channels in Kenya like the Citizen TV, KTN, and NTV.

Here are the Bamba tv local channels

KTN Home KTN News NTV Kiss Tv
Citizen TV K24 Inooro TV Family TV
Shine TV Kass Tv Joy TV Hope TV
Sayari TV Lenale TV EATV Edu TV
Ebru TV Heritage TV Bunge TV Mother & Child
Farmer TV WTV Njata TV Kingdom
Baite TV Pwani TV Youth TV Revival TV
HCK TV Deliverance KTS Avaiation TV
Baaar Lolwe TV GBS Church Channel

Bamba tv sports channels

You will notice that there are also Bamba tv sports channels while accessing the bamba tv channel guide. However there are few Bamba tv sports channels that you would like compared to DSTV, GoTV or Zuku. The main sports channel on Bamba tv is Wild world Xtreme channel WWWX. This is the main Bamba tv sports channels that offers best action and extreme sports. If you are a sports fan, then you are better off with DSTV or Zuku.

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Bamba tv coverage areas

There are Bamba tv coverage areas in Kenya where you will get good signals and poor signals. Therefore, before you buy Bamba tv decoder you should have this information. Before you buy Bamba TV Decoder you need to check out whether the area you live lies on the Bamba tv coverage areas within Kenya. It’s important to note that you will need a High Gain UHF aerial to get Bamba Tv.

If you are within the Bamba tv coverage areas and you still get a poor signal do the following. Make sure your aerial is in good condition and you have a good connection from the aerial to your decoder and decoder to your TV. Ensure your aerial is pointing in the same direction as other nearby aerials. Check the Bamba tv coverage area maps to see the direction of the closest transmitters to you to position your aerial.

How to connect Bamba decoder to Tv

Here is a guide on how to connect Bamba decoder to tv.

  1. Position your aerial pointing the transmitter around you. You can check on the various Bamba tv coverage areas
  2. Secondly, you need to connect the aerial to the cable and secure it well on the decoder.
  3. Connect the decoder to your TV set using the supplied RCA cable or a HDMI cable (optional)
  4. Then connect the power cable provided into the power outlet.
  5. Set your TV input to AV or HDMI.
  6. Then Enjoy watching your Bamba TV Channels
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Bamba Tv Channels can change from time to time. While some are removed, new ones are added and channel numbers can change occasionally. It recommended that once in a while, rescan your Bamba TV decoder to make sure you have the latest channels.

Bamba TV decoders

There are various Bamba TV decoders in the market you can choose from. The following are the Bamba TV decoders.

  • Bamba 215( CA1)
  • The Bamba 114 (CA)
  • Bamba 115 (CA2)

How do you search Channels on Bamba Decoders

The different Bamba TV decoders can be used for searching Channels on Bamba Decoders. All you have to do is go to Settings, Choose Channel Search and then Click auto search. If your picture quality appears to be poor, you might have a damaged aerial or cable. On this case, you will need a professional installer.

Where to buy Bamba TV decoders

The Bamba TV decoders can be bought from Major supermarkets in Kenya like Tuskeys, Naivas, Ukwala etc. You can also buy Bamba TV decoders at electronics shops in Kenya in different major towns.

Bamba TV decoder Prices

The price of Bamba TV decoder is a One-off fee of 3,600.00 Kenya Shillings. After this, you will not have to pay anything more to view TV. You just need to connect the new decoder to your old UHF high gain aerial and there you go.

Bamba TV customer care

You can reach Bamba tv customer care both on phone and online. In case of any problems, the Bamba Tv Customer Service number is  0711046046.

Also, the following are ways to engage the Bamba tv customer care.

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