Popular 100 bob wedding couple celebrate their son’s 1st birthday in style!

Wilson Mutura and wife Anne Muhonja first made headlines in 2017 after exchanging vows with rings worth Ksh 100; hence the name 100 bob wedding couple.

With their story making rounds on social media, many well wishers came together to organize a grand wedding and honey moon that cost around Ksh 3 million.

Mutura and his wife experienced first class life and even after this they got to open their own mini supermarket before welcoming their son.

Through his social media pages, Mr Mutura celebrated his son’s first birthday with a moving message.

He went on to wish him the very best in life not forgetting God’s blessings to his life. He wrote saying;

This is so wonderful to you my lovely son, I thank God for you and I decree and declare to you that joy and health shall ever e your portion on Jesus name. You will love a long life to enjoy the fruits of God. Happy birthday dear son blessed Peter. Now you’re 1 year old may the blessings of God be with you forever.