Jalang’o: The same day I got my very first break through is the same day my dad died

Milele FM Radio host Jalang’o has opened up on the emotional day he got his first big job on radio.

According the comedian who is now one of the best paid in Kenya, he got the job and before he could actually celebrate, he received another from his mum breaking the sad news to him that his father had died.


“When my dad died he told me one thing, I have a letter from my dad before he died because I could not even afford to go bury my dad when he died. The same day I got my very first gig at Kiss 100 is the same day my dad died. Caroline called me and told me Jalang’o you are replacing Nyambane when she hung up my mom called and told me your dad is gone. That’s how sad it was for me,” he narrated.


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