If you can’t afford me don’t even ring that Phone- Akothee tells Promoters

Flamboyant Kenyan Female Singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has lashed out at promoters who have been paying local artistes poorly at the expense of international musicians.

In videos, uploaded on her Instagram account, Akothee has expressed her frustrations with Kenyan promoters who have been undermining Kenyan musicians and paying them peanuts.

“Promoters what is wrong with you, why do you you will mistreat Kenyan artistes and give all the maximum respect artiste from outside, I won’t even call them International Artiste Because we are also International, so  don’t expect to treat me a local if you can’t afford me don’t even ring that phone because I will embarrass you. And Kenyans artiste its high time you starts to stop collecting this pocket change just for people to see that its happening, when you pockets are running dry” says Akothee in her video.

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She went ahead to advise Kenyan musicians to stop collecting little money in the name of promoting their brand and the expense of their hardwork.

“It’s this upcoming collecting 50k or even 100k in concerts while people from Uganda , Tanzania or Nigerian are paid 2 million and above what is wrong with you. You are just put in just any Hotel, yet you call yourself any artiste, know your worth you are an entertainer. Get value for your own self this fact of collecting 50k or 100k is the thing killing the Kenyan Music industry.  Then you start carrying ati why so and so was paid 2 million or this much money, if you present yourself so cheap that’s why they pay you so much little. Get the value of yourself”, added Akothee.

Below is the video of her narrating it

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