How to remove your name from CRB blacklist today

Being listed by CRB in Kenya is mandatory for people who have defaulted their loan. To remove your name from the list requires that you clear the loan or negotiate new terms with the lenders.

In 2016 Kamau obtained a quick loan from one of the mobile loan facilities in Kenya. But the worst happened when he lost his job and was unable to pay the loan. The lending company forwarded his name to CRB.

Two months later, Kamau got a job with a government institution but before he signed a contract, he was told to produce his CRB certificate. Unfortunately, he didn’t have one. It forced him to visit the lender and negotiate for flexible payment term. The company contacted one of the Credit Reference Bureaus and was delisted from the list of defaulters.

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Research shows that over 50,000 Kenyans are listed with CRB as defaulters. For these individuals to obtain another loan, they have to clear their names from the list and the procedure for removal of their names from the list is as follows;

The first thing to do is confirm whether your name is on the list. Once confirmed, visit your lender and try to negotiate payment terms.

If your lender agrees to your request, they will write a letter to the Credit Reference Bureau informing them that you have complied with their terms. You will also be required to approach one of the bureaus to obtain a certificate.

In Kenya, there are many accredited credit reference bureaus but here is the list of the most popular ones;

  1. Credit Reference Bureau Africa Limited (Trading as TransUnion) Chief Executive Officer: Ms. Rose Kinuthia
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Postal Address: P.O. Box 46406 – 00100, Nairobi

Telephone: +254 – 020 – 3751799/3751360/2/4/5

Fax: +254 – 020 – 3751344



Physical Address: CRB Centre, Prosperity House, 2nd Floor, Westlands Road, Nairobi

  1. Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited Managing Director: Mr. Sam Omukoko

Postal Address: P.O. Box 35331 – 00200, Nairobi

Telephone: +254 – 020 – 2713575



Physical Address: 1st Floor, Shelter Afrique Centre, Upper Hill, Nairobi

  1. Creditinfo Credit Reference Bureau Kenya Limited

Ag Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Stephen Kamau Kunyiha

Postal Address: P.O. Box 38941 – 00623, Nairobi

Telephone: +254 – 020 – 3757272

Mobile: +254 735 880880 / +254 718 842833

E-mail: ;


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Physical Address: Park Suites, Suite 12, 2nd Floor, Parklands Road, Nairobi

Using the contacts provided above, reach out to one of the bureaus and get a certificate.

Here is the process of getting a certificate:

Once the bureaus have removed your name from the list, you are issued with a certificate upon paying Ksh 2,200 processing fees. The certificate will be issued within a week.

If the lender is not willing to listen to you, the best thing to do is clear the loan and start the process of removing your name from the list. The best approach to use is visited one of the Credit Reference Bureaus above and explain your case. But this should come after you have cleared your loan