Betty Kyallo Was Forced By Joho To Handover Car In The Middle Of Mombasa Road

Betty Kyallo and Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho’s relationship has always been one full of speculations but was real nonetheless.

When the former KTN reporter sat down with True Love magazine in 2017, she intimated that her break up with Governor 001 was “peaceful.”

But EliteDailyNews can reveal that the break up was anything but peaceful. In fact, according to the Nairobian, the Mombasa County boss took everything that belonged to him, leaving Betty in financial limbo.

The TV beauty, many will recall, had a short lived marriage to NTV reporter Dennis Okari who she accused of getting involved in religious practices that she “could not fathom.”

What many do not know is that the Flair By Betty Parlour owner, was dating Joho while still married to Okari and when Okari learned about the affair with the politician, he confronted his now estranged wife.

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Betty came clean about the affair and walked out of the marriage and into a fully furnished home in Nairobi’s Kilimani area, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne.

It has also been revealed that soon after leaving Okari, things between Joho and Betty went south as she was now “too much” for him to handle.

The former Friday Briefing presenter became a handful for the county boss. She wanted this, that and the other thing. She even demanded to be named Mombasa County First Lady.

Joho could not handle the pressure from Betty prompting him to slowly cut ties with her.

He repossessed the Kilimani house which was not in Betty’s name,and the BMW. This was followed by the Porsche Cayene which was repossessed as she drove along Mombasa Road when Joho’s guards stopped her near Nyayo Stadium.

The guards asked her to pick her personal effects before handing over the car keys.

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The ever smiling beauty was left homeless and broke but the generous governor did not leave her empty handed. He “gave her send-off money to start her new life.”

She then quickly sued Okari, then very close with Joho, for child support at the Milimani Children’s court.

NTV reporter, Okari, now a born again christian after trying to take his life at least three times, was so close to Joho that the latter contributed towards their wedding and at some point did business with him.

After Joho cut ties, Betty got into business with Susan Kaittany, owner of Posh Palace. Ms Betty, already popular had her admirers stop by the Salon, something that did not auger well with Ms Kaittany.

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It is said that one of her admirers, Tito Kuyoh of CFC Stanbic bank gave her his black Range Rover only to take it back when he learned that he was not the only one eyeing Ms Kyallo.

Their relationship did not end well as the two fell out due to personal differences forcing Susan to take back control of her business, Posh Palace Hair Studio an Spa.

Betty, the Nairobian further reveals, had Joho open up a business, Yallo Leather, for her sister, Mercy Kyallo in the coastal town