Akothee finally admits Nelly Oaks is just a flowerboy as she shares romantic text from mzungu sweetheart

Akothee is dating her manager Nelson Oyugi alias Nelly Oaks while at the same time she is seeing another man, she doesn’t hide the fact that she has multiple lovers.

Nelly Oaks is Akothee’s full time boyfriend when she is in Kenya, but when she travels to Switzerland she has another lover whom she refers to as Dr. K.

Akothee took to social media on Tuesday September 11th to show her fans how Dr. K is such a lovey dovey. She posted a screenshot of a romantic text from Dr. K who was yearning to see her.

Dr. K was informing Akothee that he had serviced her Mercedes SLS ahead of her visit to Switzerland. He was imploring the mother of five to travel to Zurich as fast as possible as he was missing her dearly.


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“Men who knows a womans worth just act, they dont make noise give me 1 million views for #LOTTO See what is waiting for me Zurich catch me soon #LOTTO #LOTTO DR.K says haloo to everyone
#LOTTO if you steal my phone I have already changed that name to something else 😂😂😂😂😂😂 who else changes their husbands names on phone everyday ,its safe ooooh, it’s safe, you are safe 😂😂😂,” Akothee captioned the screenshot.